Computer Science

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Computer Science
1 Who
1.1 Computers and human interaction with them
2 What
2.1 Study of various computer languadges
2.1.1 C#
2.2 Theoretical
2.2.1 Some topics can be highly abstract But they can also be concrete
2.3 The study of computers
2.4 Other computer systems
2.5 Design
2.6 Development
2.7 In use
2.8 Areas of study
2.8.1 Artificial intelegence
2.8.2 Computer systems
2.8.3 Networks
2.8.4 Databases
2.8.5 Security
2.8.6 Software Engineering
2.8.7 Graphics
2.8.8 Computational science
3 When
3.1 This is quite a modern way of thinking
3.1.1 This is now been intigrated into the school systems and replacing 'Information Tecnology'
3.2 Derived from Mathematics originaly
3.2.1 Logical reasoning and logic
4 Where
4.1 This is mainly in the field of software rather than hardware
4.1.1 This includes software systems
5 Why
5.1 This subject can also be linked in with other topics and help to expand upon them
5.1.1 Science
5.1.2 Engineering
5.1.3 Health care
5.1.4 Business
6 How
6.1 Algorithms
6.1.1 Analyze How complex a system would be to make
6.1.2 Design Can be used upon various devices including hand held computers To problem solve
6.2 Programing
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