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1 Dangers of the Volcanic Eruptions
1.1 Ash falls: Fine ash affects far away areas. It damages property for burying buildings. It is also a hazard to air craft and can lead to cancellation of flights. It also affects the weather.
1.2 Mudflows wash away buildings, roads, bridges and people.
1.3 Volcanic gases like carbon dioxide cause suffocation. Other gases that are poisonous can burn or cause lung disease.
1.4 Acid rain can damage buildings and may had very serious effects on plants and animal species.
1.5 The collapse of volcanoes erupting into the sea can result in a tsunami.
1.6 Pyroclastic flows travels rapidly down valleys and slow. it is impossible for people to escape.
1.7 Post eruption and famine and disease is disrupted to homes, roads, and services caused by the effects of volcanoes.
1.8 Lava flows destroy buildings but rarely result in a direct loss of life. As they travel slow enough for you to walk away!
1.9 Sometimes a volcano can exlode sideways (lateral blasts) this can be very destructive. It can destroy houses and property.
2 Reduce risk of volcanoes
2.1 When there are poisnous gases the best thing to do is to evacuate.
2.2 If your house walls are strengthend then the chance of your house falling down because of burning lava decreases.
2.3 People learning how to make a surival kit helps them when everything is destroyed and they can survive until their found.
2.4 Advantages of living in a volcanic area
2.4.1 Volcanic ash makes extremely fertile soil.
2.4.2 Geothermal Energy is created from volcanoes. It is renewable, infinite energy and heat.
2.4.3 It's also used to heat water for heating and hygiene.
2.4.4 There is a lot of tourism which is attracted by volcanoes.
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