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Catedral Metropolitana de Guatemala

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  1. Curiosities
    1. The year 1968 was very important for the metropolitan cathedral because it was declared as a national monument.
      1. Its patron is the ‘’Virgen de la Asuncion’’, and the fair its celebrated on August 15th.
        1. The cathedral attracts lots of people because the eucharist is celebrated by the metropolitan archbishop.
          1. Inside, there is the archdiocesan museum that has lots of pieces of art that tells the history of Guatemala.
            1. It is made of stone, bricks, and a mixture of cal, sand and cow's milk.
              1. It has resisted many earthquakes because of its 1 meter thick walls, and many important events like independence and a revolution.
                1. The organ (music instrument) that is in there, were only built 32 of them, and now in the actuality only are 2 left in all the world, one of them is in the cathedral.
                2. Architecture
                  1. During the foundations of the Cathedral of Guatemala, several pieces of art of the history of the country and the current structure have been collected way before the inauguration of the cathedral was made. These forms a large part of the place and it is one of the most interesting things for the tourist that come to Guatemala and the fans for painting and the sculptures, that the majority are part of the religious art.
                    1. Important moments and works for the Cathedral’s art includes the elaboration of the lateral altarpieces for the saints in 1852
                      1. The installation of the new High Altar in 1860, being a gift made of marble by don Antonio de Larrazabal
                        1. In 1862, the construction of the towers and the finishing of the doorway began thanks to the architects Andrés Pedretti and Juan Tonel and using stone from the quarry of the Naranjo estate, a work that took 5 years to develop.
                          1. For last in 1865 the new Archbishop Bernado Piñol y Aycinena consecrated the great bell, known as La Chepona because it was dedicated to Saith Joseph, placed correctly for the inauguration of the Cathedral in 1872.
                    2. Catacombs
                      1. The catacombs started as black water corridors, because during the colonial times, the private and the public pools were always full and that system needs underground space to keep black water. The corridors are really big, because the people in charge of cleaning the catacombs must fit in it. That's why some cities have tunnels in some buildings.
                        1. The crypts of the Cathedral commonly called catacombs are a Christian cemetery, where archbishops, bishops and other people of the Catholic Church. You can find in it some ex-presidents of Guatemala that are Rafael Carrera and José Maria Reyna Barrios.
                          1. Actually the Cathedral gives some tours in the catacombs, because of the Catholic people that are buried in there. It is a really solemn place and it is really important for the Catholic Church.
                          2. Earthquakes
                            1. The first cathedral built on Almolonga's Valley was destroyed 2 years after it was constructed because of a landslide (1539- 1541)
                              1. The second one was demolished because the infrastructure was in very bad. conditions to keep functioning (1659-1679)
                                1. The third one was built while the second one was demolished. After the earthquakes from 1717, 1751 and 1773, it was decided to move the cathedral to another place.
                                  1. The actual cathedral started to be built on 1782. The inauguration was on 1815. After a long time,, in 1917 an earthquake broke the dome was destroyed and the reconstruction finished in 1924
                                    1. The last earthquake was on 1976 but the cathedral wasn't affected to much by this one.
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