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Mind map of Post-Modernism theory in relation to the family and households topic in AQA AS Sociology exam (2017-)
Sophie Cooper
Mind Map by Sophie Cooper, updated more than 1 year ago
Sophie Cooper
Created by Sophie Cooper over 4 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Key Ideas:
    1. Don't generalize families as see them as having different structures
      1. Recognize increased society tolerance to intimate relationships and domestic agreements
        1. Believe nuclear family is fragmented/ AGAINST functionalism
    2. Key theorists:
      1. Stacey- diversity will never be dominate in western culture
        1. Haravan (1978)- life course analysis states sociologists should be concerned with individual family members
          1. And choices made within these family arrangements e.g being a sole earner
            1. Focuses on flexibility+ variation
      2. Criticisms:
        1. Giddens- increased choice can be constraining + liberating
          1. And pure relationships (to meet others needs) is unstable
            1. Fletcher (functionalist)- agrees with above + that people now expect to much
        2. Advantages:
          1. Recognizes cultural + social change
            1. Understands that every family is different
              1. looks INSIDE the family
          2. Disadvantages:
            1. Possibly exaggerates changes in society
              1. Already a well-known idea (unoriginal)
                1. Only looks at positives (bias)
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