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Mind Map on Planning, created by Vicky Farrimond on 09/24/2014.

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1 Characters
1.1 Character profiles
1.1.1 Link to existing examples
1.2 Costume/Make-up
1.2.1 Annotated ideas linked to codes and conventions
2 Location
2.1 Identify potential locations
2.1.1 Google Earth
2.1.2 Photos/videos
2.2 Diagnose any problems
2.3 Note what you see/hear
3 Narrative
3.1 Storyboard
3.1.1 Annotated drafts
3.1.2 Shot list
3.1.3 Animatic
3.2 Script
3.2.1 Annotated drafts
3.2.2 Initial ideas mind maps
4 Management
4.1 Filming scedule
4.2 Call sheets
4.3 Risk assessments
4.4 Permission requests, e.g. music
5 Test/screen shots
5.1 Walk-through of script
5.1.1 Identify problem areas and adjust script
5.2 Identify problems with actors/locations
5.3 Identify problems with locations
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