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1 what is it?
1.1 used for........
1.1.1 fighting infectious diseases (microbes)
1.1.2 all antibiotics kill and reduce production of microbes
1.2 antibiotics are made of fungi
2 biotecnologists
2.1 research and develops existing antibiotics and create new antibiotics
2.2 discover the new bacteria strains and evolve the antibiotics to kill them.
3 advantages
3.1 can kill the bacteria which is harming you.
3.2 can make you feel lots better
3.3 before many illness were considered uncureable but after antiibiotics many life threatning illness could be cured
4 disavanges
4.1 can help create resistant bacteria (super bugs)
4.2 can cause harm if they are not used correctly/ dosage
4.3 people may argue that its not natural, god chooses how everyone is going to die antibiotics go against god,
4.4 antibiotiics should only be used to improve a patients quality of live/positive improvement .Is it ethical to pre-long a terminally ill patient life because we feel that is morally wrong not to?
5 super bugs
5.1 bacteria which are immune to some antibiotics and sometimes all.
6 how to get antibiotics
6.1 doctors can proscribe them
6.1.1 they have to consider who really needs the antibiotic they are not allowed to givethem to there friends if they do not need them
6.2 dangers
6.2.1 its illegal for you to give your antibiotics to a friend as the HAVE to be proscribed.
6.2.2 if you dont finishyour corse of antibiotics you expose the bacteria to the antibiotic but don't kill them and sometimes cause super bugs
6.2.3 if you don't get it proscribed then you many get a allergic reaction as doctors know what antibiotics you are allergic.
6.3 symtoms
6.3.1 a doctor looks at your symptoms and judges what antibiotic you need

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