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GCSE English Literature Mind Map on Kamikaze, created by sophie wallis on 04/29/2018.
sophie wallis
Mind Map by sophie wallis, updated more than 1 year ago
sophie wallis
Created by sophie wallis over 4 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Link to conflict
    1. Conflict between the rules and honour of society and the desire to survive and return to family
    2. Link to power
      1. The power of the Japanese government and the power if family influence the men's lives
      2. Structure
        1. Uses italics for an aside to maybe show the daughter speaking to her own children and how these choices has cast a shadow on her history
        2. Key quotes
          1. "A one way journey into history"
            1. "Shaved head full of powerful incantations"
              1. Metaphor- for a journey into history
              2. "A green-blue translucent sea"
                1. "My mother never spoke again"
                  1. "We learned to be silent"
                    1. "Learned" shows this behaviour Is to natural and was forced upon her, that she now realises and regrets this.
                  2. Context
                    1. It was considered a great honour in Japan to die for your country.
                      1. The pilot in this poem returns home and is rejected from his family forever.
                        1. Questions at the end which death would of been better, to die as a kamikaze pilot young or to grow old with a family who shut you out.
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