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KS3 science Mind Map on unit 1, created by Patrick Exam KING on 06/19/2013.

Patrick Exam KING
Created by Patrick Exam KING over 6 years ago
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unit 1
1 studying plant cells and animal cells
1.1 the 3 things that a plant cell has but what a animal cell doesn't
1.1.1 a cell wall this is a protective layer that keeps the cell rigid
1.1.2 a chloroplast this s a green pigment that traps light
1.1.3 a cell vacuole this is a fluid filled space inside the cell that gives it its shape
1.2 roles of animal cell structures
1.2.1 nucleus this is the control centre of a cell
1.2.2 cell membrane this is the outer layer of the cell and it allows substances to enter and leave the cell
1.2.3 cytoplasm this is a jelly like liquid where cell activity occurs
1.3 specialised cells
1.3.1 sperm has streamlined head that moves through liquid well long tail for swimming tip of sperm dissolves egg to allow itself in the egg nucleus for controlling it
1.3.2 leaf cell cell wall vacuole to shape it cell membrane to allow things in and out cytoplasm that contains the nucleus and the chloroplasts chloroplast which holds the chlorophyll which traps light
2 all facts from text bock so all right but don't just rely on this

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