Purifying and Testing Water

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Purifying and Testing Water
1 water
1.1 lakes
1.2 rivers
1.3 reservoirs
1.4 aquifiers
1.4.1 wells
1.4.2 bore holes
1.5 uses
1.5.1 drinking
1.5.2 washing
1.5.3 household jobs
1.5.4 industry cooling solvent raw material
1.6 some parts of Britain: demand higher than supply
2 water treatment
2.1 to purify it
2.1.1 safe to drink
2.2 untreated contains
2.2.1 microbes
2.2.2 pollutants
2.2.3 insoluble particles
2.2.4 dissolved salts and minerals
2.3 process
2.3.1 1) sedimentation insoluble particles sink
2.3.2 2)filtration remove very fine particles
2.3.3 3) chlorination kill microorganisms
3 water purification
3.1 tap water contains soluble materials
3.1.1 not removed in water treatment
3.2 distilled
3.2.1 lots of energy expensive
3.2.2 huge amounts of energy would be needed to distil sea water costly expensive equipment menas making drinking water from sea water is prohibited
4 pollution in water
4.1 nitrates
4.1.1 fertiliser
4.2 lead compunds
4.3 pesticides
4.3.1 spraying crops
4.4 difficult to remove
5 dissolved ions
5.1 dissolved ions of some salts: easy to identify
5.1.1 precipitation reactons insoluble solid from mixing 2 solutions
5.2 barium chloride
5.2.1 detect sulfates form barium sulfate white precipitate
5.3 silver nitrate
5.3.1 detect halide ions chlorides white pecipitate bromides cream precipitate iodides pale yellow precipitate
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