The future

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The future

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The future
  1. Making predictions
    1. If you are sure
      1. WILL
        1. I think Spain will win
        2. If you have evidences
          1. GOING TO
            1. Spain in going to win the match
          2. Making decisions
            1. WILL / Going to
              1. I will study arts
              2. Talking about plans, intentions and arrangements
                1. PLANS / INTENTIONS
                  1. BE GOING TO
                    1. We're going to go to the park
                    2. ARRANGEMENTS
                      1. PRESENT CONTINOUS
                        1. I'm meeting Federic today
                      2. Making offers, promises, suggestions, refusals
                        1. OFFERS, PROMISES, SUGGESTIONS
                          1. WILL / SHALL
                            1. I'll help you
                            2. REFUSALS
                              1. WON'T
                                1. I won't do that
                              2. Talking about timetabled future events
                                1. PRESENT SIMPLE
                                  1. Our plane leaves in 15 minutes
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