modelling ict

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modelling ict
1 model
1.1 a simulation
1.1.1 The 3 main types of data in a spreadsheet model cells rows columns relative cell referencing:not using the $ in cell references so the cell does change when a formula is copied into another cell how to format a spreadsheet:including widen columns,change the colour,size,embolden,underline,borders etc all the cells going down a spreadsheet in a line:labelled with a letter all the cells going across a spreadsheet in a line:labelled with a number individual boxes in a spreadsheet where you can enter data including rules,variables and labels (a.k.a formulae,numbers and text
1.1.2 changing the variables in a model to test different situations
1.2 a representation of a real life situation or thing
1.2.1 what a formula is an automatic calculation in a spreadsheet cell reference i.e A1,C4 etc Formula to add/subtract the values of cells together formula to multiply values together formula to divide values how the results of formula change when another cell value is changed:you should be able to predict what will happen in a spreadsheet when a variable is changed.e.g if the price of an item goes up... the total income will go up by absolute cell referencing:using the$to make the cell reference stay the same when a formula is copied into another cell
2 different value formats including:currency,date,text decimals etc
2.1 what "what if" questions are in a spreadsheet model
2.1.1 advantages of using spreadsheet models graphs,price/cost,profit/loss,surveys,questionnaires close question:questions are limited to a few choices open question:questions that could have any answer
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