Bladerunner techniques

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New South Wales - Higher School Certificate (HSC) English (Module A: Frankenstein and Bladerunner) Mind Map on Bladerunner techniques, created by janmart.tenedora on 06/23/2013.

Created by janmart.tenedora over 6 years ago
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Bladerunner techniques
1 Intertextuality
1.1 Film Noir
1.1.1 Dark lighting
1.1.2 Prop: Trenchcoat
1.2 Gothic horror
1.2.1 Violence
1.3 Science fiction
1.4 Romance
2 Sub text
2.1 Climate
2.1.1 nuclear winter
2.1.2 poisoned by fall-out darkness Acid rain
2.2 Dystopian society
2.3 ubiquitous advertising
3 Film
3.1 Music
3.1.1 dark melodic combination of synthesizers mirrors futuristic film noir envisioned by Scott
3.1.2 Harnesses electric sound emphasises outlandish atmospheric mood Beginning: Sweet and Harmonious Traces of dynamic explosions renders notion of instability
3.1.3 By Vangelis
3.2 Visual
3.2.1 Camera angles Varies from high to low for effect Roy towering over Deckard indicates supremacy Roy sits down on eye level displays equality
4 Symbolism
4.1 Eye
4.1.1 Window to the soul
4.1.2 barometer of emotions and truth
4.1.3 Vision and foresight Tyrell's glasses Lack of vision Faulty vision Damaged soul reliance on technology

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