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Nicole Stewart Hernández
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Mind Map on HEALTH MATTERS, created by Nicole Stewart Hernández on 05/18/2018.

Resource summary

  1. Physical activities
    1. Sports
      1. Football
        1. Swim
          1. Volleyball
            1. Gym
            2. Avoid sedentary life
            3. Nutrition
              1. Food
                1. Cut out processed food
                  1. Eat variety
                    1. 1 piece of fruit peer day
                    2. Drinks
                      1. Avoid soda or frizzy drinks
                        1. Drink a lot of water
                          1. Juices instead of soda
                            1. Smoothies
                            2. Have a good breakfast
                            3. Emotional healyh
                              1. Avoid stress
                                1. Organise everything
                                  1. Prepare the clothes the day before
                                2. Personal hygenic
                                  1. Breath your teeth 3 peer day
                                    1. Wash your hands
                                      1. Have a shower one time peer day
                                      2. Habits
                                        1. Organize your foods
                                          1. Go sleep early
                                            1. Chill out sometimes of the day
                                              1. Use an alarm clock
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