20 mark question topics- will always start with the command work EVALUATE

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Giving examples of the topcis that can be asked in a 20 marks question.

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20 mark question topics- will always start with the command work EVALUATE
  1. Coastal Landscapes
    1. Contribution of geologically recent eustatic change
      1. Development as an influence for coping with coastal flodding
        1. Success of policies to manage coastlines
      2. Water and Carbon Cycles
        1. Managing water security - more sustainable than others.
          1. Large scale schemes - increasing water security.
          2. Carbon cycles - what impacts / processes effect cycles
            1. Climate change / global warming impact on carbon cycles
          3. Regenerating Places
            1. Economic and social factors linked to identity of a place of study
              1. Role of government in regeneration
              2. Evaluate the need for regeneration of different places
                1. Evaluate the success / success critera
              3. Health , Rights and Intervention
                1. Was military intervention justified?
                  1. Did military / devlopment aid help in addressing human rights
                  2. Do human rights differ use to development
                    1. International law - does it protect human rights?
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