Which Computer Language Should I Learn?

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Leaving Certificate Geography Mind Map on Which Computer Language Should I Learn?, created by PatrickNoonan on 06/24/2013.

Created by PatrickNoonan over 6 years ago
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Which Computer Language Should I Learn?
1.1 Pros
1.1.1 An extremely popular language and used in some capacity by the majority of sites.
1.2 Cons
1.2.1 This is a front-end mark-up language so it doesn’t have any decision-making capabilities i.e. it can only describe the info it comes across and not take any action on it
2 c++
2.1 Pros
2.1.1 Very popular and a lot can be achieved with it. If there is something that can’t be done using the language there is often a way of grafting it in
2.2 Cons
2.2.1 It’s a very large language and this may cause some features to interact in unexpected ways. It would be hard for one developer to have an expert knowledge of the whole language, rather focus on certain key elements
3 Java
3.1 Pros
3.1.1 Popular and regarded as being easy to learn ( or a least easier than others)
3.2 Cons
3.2.1 Limited in terms of language features, somewhat old-fashioned
4 JavaScript
4.1 Pros
4.1.1 A popular language and can augment elements of HTML
4.2 Cons
4.2.1 Does not create stand-alone applications; JavaScript code is run on a browser only
5 Ruby
5.1 Pros
5.1.1 Very popular and “cool” especially in the start-up community. Better than Java for creating a web application quickly
5.2 Cons
5.2.1 Fast moving language, lots of out-of-date online documentation, not really useful for developing GUI applications—pretty much web-only, realistically speaking
6 Phyton
6.1 Pros
6.1.1 Many would swear it is a superior language to Ruby. Greater GUI development compared to Ruby
6.2 Cons
6.2.1 Not as popular in the industry when compared with Ruby so it might not be as helpful on your CV

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