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Home Entertainment
1 Interactive digital television
1.1 Output device - Allows data out of the system. E.g. TV Screen, speakers.
1.2 Hardware - Physical components that make up a computer system e.g. Monitor, Motherboard.
1.3 Software - Software can be difficult to describe because it is 'virtual', or not physical like computer hardware.
1.4 Pay-to-view services - Are subscription based services where you pay a monthly or one off fee for digital TV services that include: Satellite channels and other services, Cable TV and other services and Digital terrestrial TV and other services.
1.5 Interactive Services - Available using the internet and some cable/ satellite systems. Online betting, Online dating and Online voting.
2 Gaming and digital photography
2.1 Gaming - You can play games on the computer and by using special consoles. To play fast action computer games it is necessary to use: A fast processor, A large screen and high quality graphics card
2.2 Input devices used in gaming - A joystick, A games controller and a steering wheel controller.
2.3 Output devices used in gaming - television and speakers
2.4 Digital Photography - Pixel: A dot of light forming a digital image. Megapixel: One million pixels (one million dots of light)
2.5 Digital cameras or mobile phones with a camera - Allows the person to photographic images on their computer.
2.6 Photo editing software - Allows you to edit digital image by; Resizing, Cropping and Applying Filters
2.7 Input devices in digital photography - Image Sensor, USB and Memory Card.
2.8 Storage devices in digital photography - Secure digital cards, Compact flash cards and Memory Sticks.
2.9 Output devices in digital photography - LCD Screen, A printer, A digital photo frame and mobile phone screen
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