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Grade 9 Science Mind Map on Electricity, created by Bri Pelechytik on 05/25/2018.

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  1. Static Electricity
    1. Static means: lacking in movement, action, or change
      1. only moves through discharge (spark, lightning, etc.)
      2. useless, dangerous and uncontrollable
        1. Laws of Electrical Charges
          1. like charges repel
            1. opposite charges attract
          2. Current Electricity
            1. Electricity flows if two conditions are met:
              1. a source
                1. a complete path or circuit
                2. Electrical current
                  1. Measurements
                    1. voltage
                      1. measurement of how much electrical energy each charged particle carries
                        1. Measured in volts (V) with voltmeter
                        2. V=IxR=V
                        3. Resistance (R)
                          1. measure of difficulty for electrons to move through a substance
                            1. measured in ohms (omega symbol) with ohmmeter
                              1. Ohm's Law
                                1. as long as temperature stays the same
                                  1. resistance of conductor remains constant
                                    1. current is directly proportional to voltage applied
                                2. resistance causes heat and light
                                3. R=V/I=*omega*
                                4. current (I)
                                  1. steady flow of charged particles
                                    1. measured in amperes (A) with ammeter
                                    2. rheostat/variable resistor controls amount of current
                                      1. I=V/R=A
                                      2. Power
                                        1. rate at which a device converts energy
                                          1. P=IxV
                                            1. Measured in watts/kilowatts (1000 watts)
                                              1. P=I x V
                                        2. Energy
                                          1. E=Pxt (time in seconds)
                                            1. measured in Joules
                                              1. amount of power needed for situation
                                                1. 4 types
                                                  1. Chemical
                                                    1. form of potential or stored energy stored inside chemicals. Released when chemicals react
                                                    2. Mechanical
                                                      1. energy posessed by object because of its motion or potential to move
                                                      2. Thermal
                                                        1. total kinetic energy in a substance (faster moving particles=more kinetic energy=more thermal energy=warmer)
                                                          1. Thermocouple
                                                            1. device that converts thermal energy to electrical
                                                          2. Electrical
                                                            1. energy of charged particles
                                                  2. Electrical Cost
                                                    1. Cost=P(kw) x t(hours) x Rate
                                                  3. Cells and Batteries
                                                    1. Batteries
                                                      1. connected cells
                                                        1. electrolysis
                                                          1. uses batteries to split molecules back into their elements
                                                            1. electroplating
                                                              1. use of electricity to coat an object with a thin layer of metal
                                                                1. item to be coated and bar of coating metal immersed in liquid electrolyte. Electric source connected between the 2 metals (metal to coat connected to positive electrode). Flow of electricity through electrolyte deposits atoms from positive charged metal to negative charged one
                                                          2. Primary cells
                                                            1. Dry Cells
                                                              1. use paste electrolytes; electrons released through chemical reaction with metal electrodes
                                                              2. wet cells
                                                                1. uses acidic liquid electrolyte, which eats away at electrodes, leaving behind electrons
                                                              3. secondary cells
                                                                1. rechargable
                                                                  1. reverses chemical reaction by running electricity back through cell using outside electrical source
                                                                2. conductors
                                                                  1. electrons are not bound to nuclei-free to move
                                                                    1. conduct best when cold-less resistance
                                                                    2. insulators
                                                                      1. electrons tightly bound to nuclei
                                                                      2. Schematics
                                                                        1. symbols used in the planning or blue prints of an electrical circuit, each component with a different symbol
                                                                        2. Circuits
                                                                          1. Series
                                                                            1. one circuit with one route
                                                                            2. Parallel
                                                                              1. One circuit with two route option circuits within it
                                                                        3. Is the flow of electrons
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