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How new technologies protection andnegotiation can hamper or promotedevelopment and poverty eradicationin undeveloped countries?


How new technologies of protection and negotiation can hinder or promote the development and eradication of poverty in underdeveloped countries?
Dany Mayerly  Cabrera Bonilla
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How new technologies protection andnegotiation can hamper or promotedevelopment and poverty eradicationin undeveloped countries?
  1. Hamilton Cortes
    1. To develop the resources and infrastructure of these countries as well as their ability to benefit from the rapid growth of intellectual property as a valuable economic asset in the global economy.
      1. Through technological advances, can bring communities closer to the satisfaction of their problems,
      2. Leidy Hernandez
        1. Strengthening the entire system of innovation and diffusion of technology, for which it is necessary to raise the levels of education and generate a network of public and private research and development centers
          1. Create innovative financing mechanisms that contribute to guarantee the income necessary to sustain basic levels of quality of life
            1. Promote decent work by linking with labor policies that contribute to the management of risk in the world of work.
              1. Promote forms of technology transfer to the region, to complement the endogenous efforts to close gaps, or at least very restrictive conditions regarding patents and intellectual property rights should be avoided.
              2. Dinaluz Santana
                1. If this new technology that is protected or it is negotiated become very difficult to acquire or implement, in this respect, the company in ,your great majority it might not accedes to the benefits of this technology for your high cost, and once again the wealth would center in the richest and the poor mas would stay aside for lack of resources.
                  1. Prevent or promote the development and the extirpation of poverty in countries without exploiting in the measure that this technology is attainable for the company.
                  2. Soreyi Pineda
                    1. In order to develop effective national strategies, it may be necessary to consider the particular requirements and priorities of each country
                      1. The patent system can play in fostering development and eradicating poverty will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding its role within the broader set of national policy measures for development and to formulate a policy of patents and new protection technologies in accordance with the interests of each country
                      2. Dany Cabrera
                        1. If protecting the rights of their inventions they enjoy exclusivity in the exploitation of the invention, for a limited time, which generates recognition and an economic benefit for the same
                          1. The registration of trademarks and patent processes becomes the protection of the assets that can generate the most value for a company or among its collaborators and inventors.
                            1. Tbenefits of negotiation entails protecting the rights of inventions, therefore we are turning it into an opportunity in the market, to stand out, give added value and receive economic remuneration with which it can contribute to economic growth.
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