Alice's adventures in wonderland

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Alice's adventures in wonderland
1 Chapter 2: Alice cried and in shrinking she swam in her tears to a border and found certain creatures
2 chapter 3: alice and creatures run a politically correct election race
3 chapter 4 : Alice goes to the house of the rabbit but ends up growing too much
4 chapter 8 : Alice participates in a croque with the queen
5 chapter 9: Alice meets and meets the fake tortoise and the tap
6 chapter 10: the fake turtle tells stories and songs to alice
7 chapter 5: Alice meets a caterpillar who helps her
8 chapter 11: Alice joins a jury on pie theft
9 chapter 7: Alice finds herself in crazy tea
10 chapter 1: Alice aciidentally goes into a room with many doors
11 Chapter 12: Alice becomes a witness but ends up stressing the king and is attacked by letters until she wakes up from her crazy dream
12 chapeter 6: Alice enters a kitchen where she meets a baby is a duchess