The ultimate history mind map: Term 3


Mind map detailing the wreck of the Sea Venture, Survival and settlement of Bermuda, Settlement in North America, The Slave trade and Slavery in North America and Bermuda
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The ultimate history mind map: Term 3
  1. Finding the wreck of the sea venture
      1. The pottery that was found in Plymouth, Virginia and on the wreck
        1. The Clay pipe that was not used after 1610
          1. The lead weight not with the stamp of King James 1st, who was coronated in 1603
            1. The English ballast stones (smooth, from the bottom of a river)
    1. Survival and Settlelment in Bermuda
      1. Built shacks with palm leaf roofs
        1. Ate hogs and cahows and turtles
          1. Dug Wells to catch rain water
            1. Harvested berries and prickly pears and palm hearts
      2. Early Settlement in Bermuda in 1612
        1. Richard Moore was the first governor
          1. Built bridges, churches and basic houses
            1. Built defenses
        2. Social, political and economic developments in the early 1600's
          1. Social
            1. Innocent women were often accused of being witches
              1. By the 1620's indentured sevants and apprentices were being replaced by native americans and black people
                1. Tucker brought in a surgeon and gave everyone rat poison and made fresh water available
            2. Political
              1. Daniel Tucker became Governor in 1616 and laid down laws on gun powder and fishing nets and lines
                1. Richard Norwood divided the island into 'tribes' or privately owned parishes
                  1. In 1864 the Bermuda company was dissolved and the island became a colony of the crown
              2. Economic
                1. About 290 housholds and each had a portion of land alloted to it and marked out
                  1. Jobs: whaling, pearl diving, farming and fishing
                    1. Cash crop= tobacco
              3. Settlement in North America
                1. Four countries that settled in North America were
                  1. France
                    1. Spain
                      1. Britain
                        1. Denmark
                        2. What was produced in each of the 13 colonies
                          1. North
                            1. Milk, cheese, beans and fish
                            2. South
                              1. Rice, tobacco and cotton
                              2. Central
                                1. Wheat, barley, oats and corn
                            3. Slavery in Bermuda
                              1. Joshua Marsden
                                1. Started a Sunday school for black children that taught them to read and write
                                2. In 1827 the slaves of Bermuda built their own church
                                  1. Seafaring slaves
                                    1. Sometimes worked on salt farms on Turks island
                                      1. Slaves followed their masters into the buisness
                                        1. whalers and pilots
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