My Best Health Plan


The body is a vehicle through which your mind and consciousness can act on the world. Health therefor is the act of maintaining the vehicle at its peak level of performance. This mind map will map out all the areas of my body, what each area needs to be at its most healthy and making a health plan based on these requirements.
William Boswell
Mind Map by William Boswell, updated more than 1 year ago
William Boswell
Created by William Boswell about 6 years ago

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My Best Health Plan
  1. My Body
    1. Skeleton
      1. Organs
        1. Circulatory System
          1. Respiratory System
            1. Muscles
              1. 5 Senses
                1. Skin (Touch)
                  1. Eyes (Sight)
                    1. Ears (Hearing)
                      1. Nose (Smell)
                        1. Mouth (Taste)
                        2. Body Parts
                          1. Limbs
                            1. Arms
                              1. Legs
                              2. Neck
                                1. Head
                              3. Why?
                                1. Best health means being physically able to live my best life for the longest time possible.
                                2. What?
                                  1. Stay awake for 36 hours and sleep for 8
                                    1. Without Illness and nutritionally complete
                                      1. Strong Parkour Body, the body of a hero, built for adventure
                                        1. 6 Pack
                                          1. Strong hands, arms, legs and core
                                            1. Cardio Endurance
                                          2. How?
                                            1. Do More
                                              1. Eat Organic
                                                1. Eat super foods
                                                  1. Pure, Crystalline Water
                                                    1. Sunlight
                                                    2. Strategies to adopt
                                                      1. One Meal a Day, with intermitent fasting
                                                        1. Meal prep for 1 week at a time
                                                        2. Avoid
                                                          1. GMO's
                                                            1. Conventionally Grown Foods
                                                              1. Grains
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