Role of Teacher

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Created by lizgw13 over 6 years ago
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Role of Teacher
1 Teaching tasks
1.1 Teaching phonics
1.2 Focus sessions
1.3 Teaching numeracy
1.4 Facilitating learning
1.5 Natonal curriculum
1.6 Delivering lessons to group and class
1.7 Planning focus sessions and lessons
1.8 Assessments - informal and formal
1.9 Observations
1.10 Taking responsibility of class' progress
1.11 Planning resources
2 Non-teaching tasks
2.1 First aid
2.2 Pastoral care
2.3 Administration - register dinners etc.
2.4 Emoitional care
2.5 Support other members of staff
2.6 Extra-curricular clubs
2.7 Parents evening
2.8 Outings and day trips
2.9 Performances / class assembly
2.10 Story telling
2.11 Managing behaviour
2.12 Preparing learning resources
2.13 Keeping up to date with any changes
2.14 Motivating pupils
2.15 Staff meeting and other meetings
2.16 Meeting with other professionals
2.17 Sports day/summer fayre etc.
3 Introduction
3.1 More non-teaching than teaching - with only a third being focused on teaching
3.2 People think of teaching and not the non-teaching
3.3 Media etc. forget the rest - recent documentary on tv
3.4 Non-teaching which can cause stress
4 Conclusion
4.1 Lots of aspects
4.2 Need varied person
4.3 So much to learn

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