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Visual novel concept
Austin Lim
Mind Map by Austin Lim, updated more than 1 year ago
Austin Lim
Created by Austin Lim about 4 years ago

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  1. Hello.
    1. How are you?
      1. Im good, thanks.
        1. Thats Good to know, So what are you doing here?
          1. Im looking for the place I'll be staying
            1. I would like to ask the same thing to you
              1. Im here to study at this University
            2. Its been so-so.
              1. Awww thats alright, so what are you doing here?
                1. Im going to be attending this University.
                  1. Looking around.
                    1. Im looking for someone.
                  2. Not so good.
                    1. Well try to cheer up okay, I can help you if you need it.
                      1. Its whatever.
                        1. No thanks, I don't need the help.
                          1. Yeah, I'll try my best.
                    2. Do I know you?
                      1. Im your new roommate!
                        1. Oh... Cool.
                          1. Why such on the down side?
                            1. I expected better
                              1. Im usually like this.
                                1. I rather be alone
                              2. Thats Great!
                                1. Alright!! I can't wait to hang out with you!
                                  1. Yeah, Same here Buddy
                                    1. Can't wait.
                                      1. We can hang as long as it doesn't involve studying
                                    2. Oh really, Lame.
                                      1. Whats Wrong with that?
                                        1. Im not Friendly
                                          1. You don't need to know
                                            1. I rather be alone
                                      2. Sorry, Im busy.
                                        1. Busy for What?
                                          1. Thats none of your business
                                            1. Oh, ok Sorry.
                                              1. Don't mention it
                                                1. Yeah Whatever
                                                  1. Don't Worry about it just leave me be.
                                                2. Im trying to find out who my roommate is.
                                                  1. Oh... Thats me
                                                    1. What a Coincidence.
                                                      1. So your name is (Name)
                                                        1. Cool.
                                                      2. Im looking for my room
                                                        1. Oh I can show you where Just give me the Room Number
                                                          1. I rather not, thanks though.
                                                            1. Here you go.
                                                              1. Oh sure, here it is.
                                                        2. Red : Friend
                                                          1. Purple : You
                                                            1. Friend
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