LOM Chapter 1 and 2 overall

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LOM Chapter 1 and 2 overall
1 Component Parts (C.1)
1.1 GOALS (essential)
1.1.1 Important Elements of medical terms are Learn to divide words into component parts root suffix prefix combining vowel combining form
1.1.2 Some medical terms are pronounced alike, but spelled differently Most terms broken down into basic parts & then understood Read the meaning for a medical term from the suffix back to the beginning of the term and across
1.2 No need to memo. words or components, rather learn TOOLS available to learn words
2 Highlights/Summaries (C.2) Terms
3 Anabolism, Catabolism, Metabolism
3.1 building up and breaking down of sugar, fat and proteins
3.1.1 into ENERGY
4 Types of tissues (4)
4.1 epithelial
4.1.1 muscle nerve connective
5 Group of organs working together
5.1 Body Systems
5.1.1 Digestive urinary respiratory reproductive endocrine circulatory musculoskeletal skin nervous
5.1.2 9
5.2 form complex functions
5.2.1 Body System
6 Body Cavity
6.1 space within body that contains internal organs (5)
6.1.1 spine abdominal cranial thoracic pelvic
7 Divisions of the back (5)
7.1 cervical
7.1.1 thoracic lumbar sacral coccygeal
9 Strongest Knowlede in
9.1.1 directional terms body planes

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