Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth
1 'Yet I have thought good to deliver... lay it to thy heart and farewell.'
1.1 Letter to Lady Macbeth - Macbeth says in the letter that he wants to bring her good news. This means that Macbeth trusts her.
2.1 'Yet I do fear thy nature: The illness would attend it.
2.1.1 Lady Macbeth doubts Macbeth because he is too kind to achieve anything evil. 'thou wouldst be great' - Macbeth just needs to cut out emotion, but Lady Macbeth is concerned about him because if he is to kill Duncan, then his emotion will overthrow him
2.2 'Hie thee hither... to have thee crown'd withal'
2.2.1 'fate and metaphysical aid did doth seem to have the crown'd withal' - Lady Macbeth does believe in the supernatural because straight away, she believes in the prophecy with no question, that the three witches formulated. 'pour my spirits in thine ear' - Lady Macbeth is already asking the spirits to help her and Macbeth to become King and Queen. She is already formulating plan meaning that she is very eager about the thought of being queen and wants to help Macbeth.
2.3 The reven himself is hoarse... under my battlements.
2.3.1 'my battlements' - the way Lady Macbeth says 'my' sugguests that she is the controller of the battles and that she is determined to kill king Duncan.
2.4 'Come you spirits... The affect and it!'
2.4.1 'Come you spirits' - invokes the supernatural. 'unsex me here' - removeher fiminity - Lady Macbeth is very commited to the supernatural. 'Fill me from the crown toe top full of direst cruelty' - Lady Macbeth is very concerned about her husband because he is too kind therefore she takes on the responsibility of that should be his.
2.5 Your face, my Thane, is a book where men... Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.
2.5.1 'my Thane' - flattering him to persuade Macbeth to kill King Duncan. 'Your face, my Thane, is a book where men may read strange matters.' - explaining his weakness (people will see his intent). 'Look like th'innocent, but be the serpent under't. ' - look innocent but be evil behind the 'mask'. This links to Eve from the bible and how she fell for the serpent.
2.6 'Leave all the rest to me'
2.6.1 The way Lady Macbeth uses imperative verbs shows that she is quite a bossy, cotrolling and demanding character. She uses very useful techniques to get what she wants. 'only look up clear' - she is giving Macbeth clear oders in order to gain victory.
3 Lady Macbeth's persuation methods
3.1 Emotional blackmail
3.1.1 Lady Macbeth took this to the extreme, because she says that she would murder her child (if she had one) if she had sworn to do so for him. This would reach Macbeth's heart because it imforms him how far she would go - all for him. This quote show this: 'And dashed the brains out, had I sworn as you, have done to this.
3.2 Making assumptions
3.2.1 Accusion of cowardice When Macbeth consults to Lady Macbeth that he doen't want to proceed with the murder she makes an assumption that he is being a coward. She says: 'Woulst thou have that which thou esteem'st the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem.'
3.3 Play with his thoughts and twist his reputation
3.3.1 Macbeth is meant to be a warrior, but Lady Macbeth is purposefully doubting him. This would play with his emotion because as a wife, Lady Macbeth should be respecting him. However, not only is she doubting him but she is also making him think that he will be more of a warrior if he proceeds with the plan - twisting his reputation.
4 Sequence of events involving Lady Macbeth (Flow Map)
4.1 Act 1 Scene 5 Line no.10 - Lady Macbeth is reading the letter from Macbeth about his victory in the battle. She must be feeling jubiliant and happy with Macbeth. She also might be thinking hard to formulate a plan to achieve being Queen.
4.1.1 Act 1 Scene 5 Line no.10 - She formulates a plan to kill Duncan and asks for the Supernatural's help to unsex her and make her brave because she is worried that Macbeth can't do that. He's too noble. Lady Macbeth is probably be feeling confident and single-minded. Act 1 Scene 5 Line no.60She greets Macbeth as he arrives from the battle and persuades him to kill Duncan through a variety of ways - like flattering him and being demanding. She is feeling hopeful and tactful. Act 1 Scene 7 Line no. 10 - As the hostess of the feast, Lady Macbeth gathers everyone together in their castle for a banquet. Act 1 Scene 7 Line no.30 - Macbeth consults to her that he wants to give up the plan, to keep up his reputation as everyone adores him. Lady Macbeth might be feeling upset, annoyed and surprised with Macbeth that he changed his mind. She had to pick a persuation method that had a strong effect on him, because he was quite stubborn with niot wanting to kill Duncan. Act 1 Scene 7 Line no.40 - Lady Macbeth is very tactful, because she explains to him about the plan, accuses he of being a coward and emotionally blackmails him to change his mind. She may be feeling worried that he thinks this about the plan, but relieved that he agreed in the end.
5 How Lady Macbeth feels about the series of deaths that Macbeth planned without her.
5.1 Guilty - Lady Macbeth might feel guilty because she is concerned of her hands, thinking that Duncan's blood is still on them as well as an odour. Because of this, she must've been recalling the night of the murder. Therefore, she is guilty about it because she is regretfully thinking back.
5.1.1 'Wash your hands, put on your nightgown
5.1.2 Quote: 'Wash your hands, put on your nightgown, look not so pale'
5.2 Worried - She may feel worried because of the fact that Macbeth keeps killing all the possible threats to him. This could meant that they could be suspected of Duncan's death and be executed because of the patterns. When she keeps worrying about her hands it, could link to the fact that she is guilty and people could find out - it is not actually on her hands but it's as if she's wearing the guilt that people could soon notice.
5.2.1 Quote: 'Here's the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh,oh,oh...'
5.3 Mad - She can't think straight so is forgetting things, because she is so troubled it is driving her insane. Lady Macbeth is also talking to herself - in this case asking herself questions aloud - because she is too overwhelmed. During the day she is forced to not mention them for her own safety, but atnight she can't help the all 'leaking' out because of the amount of stress she is going through.
5.3.1 'The Thane of Fife had a wife: where is she now?'
6 In my opinion, I think that Lady Macbeth is quite a controlling character. This is because throughout Scene 5, she shows a lot of leadership over Macbeth. Foe example she says: 'Only look up clear: to alter favour, ever is to fear. Leave all the rest to me.' The imperative verb shows that she is very demanding, and also due to her hunger for Macbeth to come king, she is almost forceful to Macbeth because she wants the plan to succeed. She has clearly identified his weaknesses and taken thenm on as her jobs.
7 Lady Macbeth
7.1 Rich and important- she has a castle and servants and messangers. She is adressede by the king as a fair and noble hostess, which is very unusual because women were generally considered lower. So she must b very high up, especially if it's by the king.
7.2 Loving - in love with Macbeth because he adresses her as 'my dearest love'.
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