Social and Environmental Impact

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Social and Environmental Impact
1 Ict in the Workplace - Employment
1.1 Some jobs in many industry's have disappeared as technology has improved therefore meaning computer can do the jobs.
1.2 Jobs that are boring and repetitive have been replaced by robots. this also makes the work being done more reliable.
1.3 Jobs in hostile environments have been taken over by computer so that the jobs are not costing lives.
1.4 Office style jobs like typists and filing clerks are being replaced by technology as its more efficient.
1.5 Fewer people are working at supermarkets as the jobs there like the checkouts are been taken over by technology. Customers are able to scan their food quicker on their own therefore taking away peoples jobs.
1.6 Fewer people are working in banks as ATM's are doing all the jobs original bank staff would do.
1.7 However it has created jobs for some people like computer programmers/engineers, system analyst, ICT technician, network technician, hardware designer, website designer and a database manager.
1.8 Changes in a Workplace
1.8.1 More often in the workplace now mobile phones are being used to communicate. This is because they can be used wherever whenever which people no longer have to be in an office to be communicated.
1.8.2 Email is used a lot more in the workplace as its quick and easy. If copies of a document need to be sent to another office, they can be sent using a fax machine.
1.8.3 More employees are working over time as unfinished work online and on a laptop can be taken home and completed.
1.8.4 Buying or ordering goods and materials can be done online over the internet instead of sending an order through the post or having to visit a shop or warehouse.
2 Ict in the Workplace - Retraining
2.1 The technology today is always changing so the staff need to be trained to use the new equipment and software.
2.2 Their skills in ICT need to be up to date.
2.2.1 Training can be done on the internet or on interactive CD's. However if the training is CD's the employee can take their education into their own hands and earn at home rather than going and travelling to college.
2.3 The companies must offer the education so that their company can be more productive.
2.4 Some companies produce their own computer assisted learning software which gives the staff the relivent information for them to carry out the right work.
3 Teleworking
3.1 An increasing number of people are working from home and using ICT methods to communicate with their place of business. This is called teleworking and involves the use of email, the internet and fax machines.
3.2 Advantages
3.2.1 Flexible hours
3.2.2 No time wasted travelling to the work place.
3.2.3 No travel expense
3.2.4 Less need for office space or facilities, such as a canteen.
3.3 Disavantages
3.3.1 Distractions at home
3.3.2 Less social interaction
3.3.3 More isolation with workers
3.3.4 Difficulties for management in checking whether work is being properly carried out.
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