Neto (1995) and Smith & Bond (1988)


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Neto (1995) and Smith & Bond (1988)
  1. Does it support, challenge or develop Asch?
    1. Neto
      1. Developed as they only used female participants and it showed that females tended to conform more than males
      2. Smith and Bond
        1. Developed as they tested collectivist and individualist societies and found that people from collectivist societies tended to conform more
      3. Similarities
        1. They both used the same procedure as Asch did
        2. Differences
          1. Neto
            1. The study was more recent so it's more applicable to today's society
              1. Only used women
              2. Smith and Bond
                1. They ran the trials in different societies (collectivist and individualist)
                  1. They did it in 17 countries
                2. Conclusion (therefore…)
                  1. They show that conformity exists in different societies, but it occurs differently in each, showing that Asch's study has some reliability
                    1. It shows that Asch's study has some external validity as it can be generalised to different groups and societies
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