Break Even

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Break Even
1 Fixed costs
1.1 a cost that will not change with output
1.2 Examples-Rent, Salary
2 variable costs
2.1 costs that do change with output
2.2 Example-Raw materials, insurance
3 Break even analysis
3.1 Shows the point at which a business expects to start making a profit.
3.1.1 it can be used to calculate the sales needed to make a profit at any given time or price
4 Working out the break even point
4.1 Fixed costs / selling price - variable costs
5 Table and chart method
5.1 Step 1- Work out the table
5.1.1 step 2- plot fixed costs step 3- plot variable costs step 4- plot total cost step 5- plot sales line step 6- when the sales line and total cost line cross it shows the break even point. draw a dotted line down to the number on the x axis and that's the break even point
5.1.2 plot Y and X axis on the graph
6 Calculations
6.1 total revenue
6.1.1 number of sales x selling price per unit
6.2 Total costs
6.2.1 Fixed costs + variable costs
6.3 Profit
6.3.1 Total Revenue - Total costs
7 Advantages and disadvantages
7.1 Advantages
7.1.1 calculate in advance the amount of sales needed to break even shows changes in output affects profits
7.2 Disadvantages
7.2.1 it assumes all output in accurate graph plotting can mess up the whole graph
8 Ict
8.1 how will it help with break even graphs
8.1.1 more accurate quicker can make more changes quickly if you need to add something the computer will do it for you.
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