Income Tax Project


Mind Map on Income Tax Project, created by A♥n♥ E♥m♥o♥t♥i♥o♥n♥a♥l♥ L♥e♥s♥b♥i♥a♥n♥ on 07/17/2018.

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Income Tax Project
  1. User Problems
    1. Ibrahim
      1. Retail Worker Employee
        1. Uses Program Once A Year
          1. Doesn't Understand Program Purpose
          2. Catherine
            1. Regular User Of The Application
              1. Takes Advantage Of Keyboard Shortcuts
                1. ATO employee
              2. Client Problems
                1. Client Requirements
                  1. Enter Income For Financial Year
                    1. Enter Deducation Value
                      1. Indicate Medicare Levy
                        1. Create A Accurate Tax Calculation Off Custom Information
                          1. Place To Access Or Download The Program
                            1. What Is Required To Download The Program
                            2. Australian Taxation Office Requirements
                              1. Include The ATO Logo
                                1. Able To Be Navigated By Keyboard Or Mouse
                                  1. Compatable With ATO Software
                                    1. Include A Disclaimer
                                  2. Developer Problems
                                    1. User Interface
                                      1. Aesthetics
                                        1. Opening Page With Access Tabs Or Keys
                                          1. Shows ATO Logo
                                            1. Shows Disclaimer
                                              1. Enter Deduction Tab
                                                1. Indicate Medicare Levy Tab
                                                  1. Enter Income Tab
                                                  2. Functionality
                                                    1. Generate Any Warnings Or User Requirements
                                                      1. Allow Access To The Program
                                                        1. Calculate And Presents Tax To User
                                                          1. Has Keybindings For Keyboard Users
                                                            1. Contains Appropriate Coding For Program
                                                              1. Has Selectable Tabs To Write In Information
                                                            2. Coding Environment
                                                              1. Calculation Code Required
                                                                1. Code To Allow For Keyboard And Mouse Users
                                                                  1. Text Box Coding Required
                                                                    1. External Programs Required To Create The Final Program
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