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1 Opening
1.1 Establish character through use of midshot of characters waking up and their transport to school
1.1.1 understanding of the characters' lives and how they live - also an emphasis of social realism - natural day-to-day living
1.2 Establish setting through use of wide shots and establishing shots in the beginning sequence
1.2.1 so that audience can have an understanding of the location and the conditions of the area e.g. wealthy/poor?
2 Build-up
2.1 Establishing friendships between the girls and the relationship of Emily and her boyfriend Tom (minor character)
2.2 Understanding of the characters - Charlotte as an outsider and the backgrounds of each of the characters
2.2.1 Charlotte is from a poor background and her parents are divorced
3 Problem
3.1 The car crash with each of the girls in the car
3.1.1 The death of Charlotte (the driver) How do the characters cope? - they all carry on as if it hadn't happened as she was never really in the group Eventually the characters all grow apart as they cannot cope with what they have experienced - a true depiction of how friends handle these situations
4 Events
4.1 They all hang out together but none of them can bring up the event
4.1.1 Friendship becomes awkward and when they all go to another party together they get drunk and their true feelings come out Will they ever recover their friendship?
5 Ending
5.1 The trailer will end in a cyclical way. The same way series of events (waking up and going to school) will happen again although this time they will just smile at each other in the corridors
5.1.1 Friendships have all changed and moved on
6 Resolution
6.1 After all the arguments at the party everyone now knows how each other feels
6.1.1 They confide in each other but still remain distant
6.1.2 Meanwhile Emily has broken up with her boyfriend
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