Explore Shakespere's presentation of Benvolio and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

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Explore Shakespere's presentation of Benvolio and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet
1 act 1 sc 1
1.1 Benvolio tries to stop the fight,
1.1.1 "Put up your swords you know not what you do" This suggests he is a very soft hearted peacekeeper this is implying his maturity and his wisdom adding on to the role lord Montague gave him
1.1.2 "I do but keep the peace" in this he is replying to tybalts threat and tells him that he doesnt want to fight
1.1.3 "My noble Uncle, do you know the cause" he says this in a manner of him with upmost respect for Lord Montague
1.2 Benvolio hears of Romeo's sadness
1.2.1 "Soft! i will go along/and if you leave me so you do me wrong" Benvolio is trying to silence Romeo he may be frustrated but understands him being sad the capping couplet suggests him wanting to end the scene
2 and the contrasting effect they have on Romeo
2.1 act 3 sc 1
2.1.1 Montague and Capulet fight in the square and Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt "for now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring" Benvolio to Mercutio. Shakespere uses pathetic fallacy to reflect the mood of the city "Mad blood" used to show Mercutios mad nature "villan am i none. therefore farewell" Romeo says to Tybalt short sentence shows his certainty as if he knows who he really is now/ like he is saying farewell to violence forever. "o calm dishonorable, vile submission" shouts Mercutio this could be Mercutios last attempt to influence his friend?/ vile suggests not fighting is evil or weak
3 act 1 sc 2
3.1 Benvolio persuades Romeo to come to the party
3.1.1 "compare her face with some that i shall show/ and i will make thee think thy swan a crow" Benvolio is talking using poetic imagery that is like Romeos Petrachen language/ the capping couplet suggests he is attempting to end the conversation and hurrying romeo up
4 act 1 sc 4
4.1 Romeo, Benvolio and mercutio are talking before the party
4.1.1 "if love be rough with you be rough with love/ prick love for pricking, and beat love down" Mercutios reply suggests his view on love and his harsh diction (word choice) and alliteration
5 act 2 sc 4
5.1 Romeo is with Mercutio and Benvolio talking about love. The Nurse comes and talks to Romeo about Rosaline
5.1.1 Mercutio describes Rosaline as a "pale hearted wretch" shows Mercutios horrid view on love/ suggests its something violent
5.1.2 Mercutio happy with Romeos change in character declares "now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo Mercutio is rubbing off on Romeo and he is proud of it. the repetition shows his certainty.
5.1.3 "here comes goodly gear" Romeo is saying in modern English here comes a big pile of rags this may have come from Mercutio and also his bawdy jokes are suddenly odd
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