Vegetable oils

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Created by toby_brown over 6 years ago
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Vegetable oils
1 Some fruits and seeds contain a lot of oil.
1.1 These oils can be extracted and used for fuel and for food
2 Oils can be seperated from the crushed plant materiel by using a centrifuge rather like a spin dryer getting water out of wet clothes
3 Distillation can be used to remove impurities, water and solvents
4 Vegetable oils are used in food
4.1 They provide a lot of energy
4.1.1 Useful for fuels biodeisel
4.2 They have useful nutrients in them
4.3 They also contain essential fatty acids
5 Vegetable oils have higher boiling points than water so they can be used to cook foods at a higher temperature
5.1 Gives a different flavour
5.2 quicker
5.3 However, food releases more energy when eaten

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