Sentence Stems

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Where to begin when making sentence stems.

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Sentence Stems


  • Task 2: Break off into groups of mixed content and people you haven’t worked with yet today. In your groups using the vocab from the previous activity and the concept map create sentence frames for the students to use when: Responding to literature as the “Reader” Responding to the writing as a “Writer” Responding to Analyze: Theme, Mood, Tone, Literary devices oh my Responding and using text for support Connecting texts/media/videos for similarities or differences Summarizing Evaluating Structure You will have ten minutes to create your sentence frames Switch to the next group; you will have 2 minutes to read the other sentence stems and 8 minutes to write more frames
1 Verb or relating to skill
1.1 Summarize
1.2 Analyze
1.3 Infer
1.4 Identify
1.5 Synthesize
1.6 Connecting
2 Subject
2.1 Theme
2.2 Main idea
2.3 Literary Devices
2.4 Rhetorical Devices
3 Reader Response
3.1 Comprehension
3.2 Feelings
4 Writer Response
4.1 Structure
4.2 Organization
4.3 Sentences
4.4 Evaluating
5 Group or Pair
6 Uses Critical Vocabulary
7 Good to pair up with the Word Wall
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