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AS Levels A2 ICT - Use and Impact of ICT (1. Networks) Mind Map on Network Software, created by Henry Cookson on 10/16/2014.

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Network Software
1 Network Operating System (OS)
1.1 Smaller networks (e.g. P2P networks) can use existing softwarelike Windows OS
1.2 Larger networks (e.g. client server networks) use dedicated network operating systems
1.2.1 Examples UNIX Linux Novell Netware
2 Network Management Software
2.1 Software that can ensure a network containing hundreds or thousands of nodes are running smoothly and as expected
2.1.1 Keeps software up-to-date
2.1.2 Tracks the use of software on each node
2.1.3 Provides a remote control facility
2.1.4 Check the speed of processors and memory capacity
3 User Accounts
3.1 A network has user accounts for each individual
3.2 Users are able to...
3.2.1 Change their password
3.2.2 Manage their own files
3.2.3 Temporarily change their desktop settings
4 Logs & Auditing
4.1 Provide an audit trail of users logging in and out and the resources used and accessed
5 Security Strategies
6 Configuration Management
7 Remote Management
8 Disaster Planning
9 Backup & Recovery of Data
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