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Character Map for new story. Includes physical description, special abilities, and basic bio-info.

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Character map
1 Mika Natoshimi
1.1 Controls all aspects of water (Ice, steam, liquid, ect.)
1.2 From Japan, Orphaned, doesn't trust anyone very easily, will lash out if scared or angry
1.3 Age: 19, 5'7", long black hair, scars on arms, skinny, always wears a Hello Kitty hoodie, blue eyes, has a small voice
2 Austin Martin
2.1 Age: 11, 5', short blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin, always wears Texas Rangers cap
2.2 Controls certain metals (Iron, Copper, and Tin)
2.3 From Texas, cocky, loud-mouth, eavesdropper, sneaky, trusts easily, can't control powers just yet,
3 Ashley Morrison
3.1 Dark blonde hair, Age: 15, 5'7" medium build, brown eyes,
3.2 Controls certain gases (Oxygen and Nitrogen
3.3 From Berlin, strong, silent type, has a crush on Henry,
4 Jason Luther
4.1 Bleached blonde hair, Age: 16, 5'11", brown eyes
4.2 Controls gravitational energy
4.3 From Paris, thoughtful, patient, sportsman, daydreamer, mysterious
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