Aeneid Characters (mortals)


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Aeneid Characters (mortals)
  1. Sinon
    1. Greek youth
      1. Pretends to have been left behind
        1. Persuades trojans to take in the wooden horse
          1. Lets the soldiers out it's belly
    2. Aeneas
      1. The protagonist of the Aeneid
        1. Defining characteristic: PIETY
          1. Fearsome warrior
            1. Good Leader
              1. Has Compassion
                1. Destiny to found Roman race
              2. Anchises
                1. Symbol of Trojan heritage
                  1. Continues in spirit
                  2. Turnus
                    1. Ruler of RUTULIANS
                      1. Major anagtonist
                        1. Wages war against trojans
                          1. Brash and fearless
                          2. Dido
                            1. Queen of Carthage
                              1. Pawn of gods
                                1. Commits suicide when Aeneas leaves
                                2. Ascanius/ Iulus
                                  1. He founds the Roman race
                                    1. Important symbol of destiny
                                    2. Creusa
                                      1. Aeneas' wife in Troy
                                        1. Tells him he will find a new wife in Italy
                                      2. Latinus
                                        1. KIng of the Latins
                                          1. Allows Aeneas into his kingdom
                                            1. Encourages him to be a suitor of LAVINIA
                                              1. This causes tension in his people
                                              2. Respects gods and fate
                                                1. Does not have strict command over his people
                                              3. Lavinia
                                                1. Symbol of Latium
                                                  1. Imp. only for TROJAN V, LATINS
                                                2. Amata
                                                  1. Queen Laurentum
                                                    1. Wife of Latinus
                                                      1. Opposes Aeneas
                                                        1. Loyal Turnus
                                                          1. Kills herself win Aeneas is winning
                                                  2. Evander
                                                    1. Father of pallas
                                                      1. Enemy of Latins
                                                        1. Aeneas befriends him
                                                          1. Helps fight turnus
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