Coursework- Aspirin

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Coursework- Aspirin
1 Risk Assessment
1.1 Ethanoic anhydride
1.2 Aspirin
1.3 Salicylic acid
1.4 Iron (III) Chloride
1.5 Chromatography solvent
1.6 Glacial Acetic acid (pure ethanoic acid)
1.7 Conc. Sulphuric acid
1.8 Sodium Hydroxide
1.9 Hydrochloric Acid
2 Experiments I am doing
2.1 Make Aspirin with Salicylic acid and ethanoic anhydride (Conc. Sulphuric acid catalyst).
2.2 Recrystalise my made aspirin using hot water as the solvent.
2.3 Test the purity of the recrystalised aspirin compared with the un-recrystalised aspirin, salicylic acid and pure aspirin using thin layer chromatography.
2.4 Use a colorimeter to test the concentration of salicylic acid in the un-recrystallised aspirin, by comparing to known concentrations of salicylic acid solutions (using Iron (III) Chloride.
2.5 Test the purity of shop bought aspirin by titrating with Sodium Hydroxide (assay).
2.6 Use Iron (III) Chloride to test the purity of my aspirin qualititively
2.7 Back titration- Reflux aspirin with NaOH and then titrate with HCl to see how much NaOH has reacted.
2.8 Melting Point test- see how the melting points vary, impurities will have an impact on the melting point of the different aspirins.
3 Chemicals I will need
3.1 Chromatography Solvent
3.2 Ethanoic anhydride
3.3 Glacial Acetic acid?
3.4 Shop bought aspirin tablets (1 packet)
3.5 Pure aspirin powder
3.6 Salicylic acid
3.7 Iron (III) Chloride
3.8 Conc. Sulphuric Acid
3.9 Sodium Hydroxide
3.10 Hydrochloric acid
4 Equipment needed (apart from beakers etc which I can get in the lab)
4.1 Reflux apparatus
4.2 Fume cupboard
4.3 Chromatography plates
4.4 Pestle and Mortar
4.5 Top pan balance (2 d.p. minimum)
4.6 Filter paper
4.7 Buchner funnel
4.8 Cling film
4.9 Colourimeter
4.10 spatula
4.11 Weighing boat or one of the test tubes which have screw on lids (Sorry I cannot remember their name)
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