Process Groups

Jeffrey Mitchell
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PMP Exam Mind Map on Process Groups, created by Jeffrey Mitchell on 07/19/2013.

Jeffrey Mitchell
Created by Jeffrey Mitchell over 6 years ago
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Process Groups
1 Initiating
1.1 Select Project Manager
1.2 Determine Company Culture & Existing Systems
1.3 Collect Processes, Procedures, and Historical Information
1.4 Divide Large Projects Into Phases
1.5 Understand the Business Case
1.6 Uncover Initial Requirements, Assumptions, and Risks
1.7 Assess Project / Product Feasibility with the Given Constraints
1.8 Create Measurable Objectives
1.9 Develop Project Charter
1.10 Identify Stakeholders
1.11 Develop Stakeholder Management Strategy
2 Planning
3 Executing
4 Monitoring & Controlling
5 Closing

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