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Flash Cards for Chapter 1 of PMBOK 5th Edition

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Question Answer
What is a Project? A project is temporary and creates a unique product, service, or result. (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 3)
True or False? The knowledge and practices described in the PMBOK are applicable to all projects all of the time? FALSE The PMBOK is a guide to "good practices" and is applicable to most projects most of the time. (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 2)
Name three (3) Characteristics of the Project Managment profession. 1. A body of knowledge (PMBOK) 2. Standards and Vocabulary 3. A means of competency (PMP Cert) (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 2)
What are the five Process Groups? 1. Initiating 2. Planning 3. Executing 4. Monitoring/Controlling 5. Closing (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 5)
What does EEF stand for and what is its definition? Enterprise Environmental Factors Conditions that the project team has no control over that can influence, constrain, or direct the project (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 29)
Name the 13 EEFs 1. Org. culture, structure, and governance 2. Geographic distribution of facilities and resources 3. Government/Industry standards 4. Infrastructure 5. Existing human resources 6. Personnel Administration 7. Company work authorization systems 8. Marketplace conditions 9. Stakeholder risk tolerances 10. Political climate 11. Organizations established communication channels 12. Commercial databases 13. Project management information systems (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 29)
What does OPA stand for and what is its definition? Organizational Process Asset The plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases specific to and used by the performing organization. (PMBOK 5th, Pg. 27)
Name the organizational process assets that belong to the initiating and planning process groups. Guidelines for processes and procedures specific to the needs of set project Standard organization for policies, product/project life cycles,