Production process of music videos

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Production process of music videos
1 1) Pre-Production
1.1 This is the first stage of the production process in which a video creating company will ask the creator questions about their music video such as "What takes place before the video?" just so that they can get an understanding of the product, they will then ask questions intended to ask about the audience which you're aiming for,
2 2) Storyboarding
2.1 Once the pre-production has been finished the company will then ask you for a storyboard of your product, this is so that both you and the company get a good flow of the music video, at this time they will consider the branding, background music along with other creative elements such as motion graphics
3 3) Scripting
3.1 At this point is when you will then be creating a script for all spoken aspects of your product such as the lyrics, the voice overs etc.
4 4) Production
4.1 This is the time taken to capture everything required for the video, the storyboard which you have created will be used as a basis in your shooting schedule, this is to ensure that all agreed elements are captured as discussed with the company.
5 5) The shoot
5.1 This is where all the planning which you have done will come together and your video will be shot, on the day of the shoot the crew of the company will ensure everything runs smoothly and that all capturing audio and visuals are captured, this process may vary in the amount of time required for this as it can vary from a few days to a considerable amount of days/weeks
6 6) Post-Production - Editing
6.1 This is the part where the recordings of the product are all put together and edited with one enough to make it look like a professional music video, any effects needed will be added/Voiceovers added and once the editing is done/close to finishing, the editing team will send you a rough edit of the product showing you what it looks like so that they may get your input and/or ideas.
7 7) Timing
7.1 For every day of recording there is roughly 3 days of post-editing required, including the amendments. This is the part where the company will compress the music video into a file type that you wish to use (Would vary depending on the aimed use for it) eg: Social media, for a blog, etc. And then the distribution stage would then be done, but that is not officially involved with this production process.
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