Shelia Birling

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Shelia Birling
1 Start
1.1 Childlike
1.1.1 "Mummy" "Daddy"
1.1.2 Referred to as "the child" Deattached "the"
1.1.3 Sent to bed by mother
1.2 Naive
1.2.1 Doesn't care that the marriage is convenient rather than full of love "kisses Eric haistly" Ring is materialistic rather than love "Now I really feel engaged" Normally chosen together but Eric does Like their home
1.3 Envolvment with Eva
1.3.1 Jealous
1.3.2 uses power and money to get her fired "I went to the manager.. and i told them if they didn't get rid of that girl Id never go here the place again and Id pursued mother to close our account with them." "I caught her smiling at the assistance Self absorbed/ centered/ world revolves around her vain
1.3.3 Shallow
1.4 Very sheltered form outside world by parents
1.4.1 Doesn't know what a prostiture is '"Whats this about streets?"
1.4.2 DSoesnt understand suicide "Was it an accident?"
1.4.3 protected
2 End
2.1 Intelligant
2.1.1 Understands Inspector straight away "You talk as if we were responsible-"
2.1.2 "But these girls rant cheap labour-theyre people
2.1.3 Works out that he wasn't at the works Suspicion at start "I was awfully busy at the works" "Yes thats why you say" Shows compassion Recognises that he looks guily "Were you seeing her last spring and summer?"
2.1.4 Gets inspector when Gerland doesn't
2.2 Like Inspector
2.2.1 Agrees with him PAGE 20: "Yes, I expect it would."
2.2.2 Asks questions Wants to know the truth
2.3 Excepts guilt
2.3.1 Page 23: "And was is the girls fault" "No not really. It was my wn fault" Mature to except that, less self absorbed
2.3.2 Miserable about it '(Miserable) Am I really responsible"
2.3.3 Distressed
2.3.4 Pauses a lot
2.3.5 Shows remorse "(almost breaks down)"
2.3.6 Sympathetic
2.3.7 Sensitive
2.4 Gaining power and confidence
2.4.1 Interupts father on several occasions "(Cutting in) Why should you? He's finished with you. He says its one of us now" Rude, Blunt, short sentences no way to speak to father
2.4.2 Tells Gerlads who's of higher class not to be "stupid" and calls him a "fool"
2.5 Curious
2.5.1 "What was she like? Quite young" Asks lots of questions
2.5.2 "(coming further in)"
2.5.3 "Whats all this about?"
2.6 Matures
2.6.1 "Did you, DAD" No longer daddy
2.6.2 No longer happy with being in an unloving relationship "Lets leave it at that" "We can't leave it at that"
3 Intro
3.1 Desrcirbed as being "A pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited.
3.1.1 No different to rest of family; happy in the selfish, capitalist family
3.2 Marrying Gerald, father is pleased as he is of an higher class and it would benefit his business
3.3 Daughter to Mr and Mrs Birling and sister to Eric
4.1 Becomes more individual to rest of family
4.1.1 Wont set with being in a relationship with Gerland just for status and power
4.1.2 Gains a lot of power
4.2 Gives back ring
4.2.1 No longer materialistic
4.3 Grows up
5 Happiness is destroys along with faith in family
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