Psychology subject map

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This is a mind map outlining all of the topics within the AQA AS Psychology course

Jake Pickup
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Psychology subject map
1 Unit 2
1.1 Biological psychology (stress)
1.1.1 the body's response to stress
1.1.2 stress related illness and the immune system
1.1.3 life changes and daily hassles
1.1.4 workplace stress
1.1.5 personality and stress
1.1.6 methods of stress managment
1.1.7 research methods and stress
1.2 Individual differences (psychopathology)
1.2.1 definitions of abnormality
1.2.2 explaining abnormality: biological approach
1.2.3 explaining abnormality: psychological approach
1.2.4 explaining abnormality: behavioural approach
1.2.5 explaining abnormality: cognitive approach
1.2.6 treating abnormality: biological therapies
1.2.7 treating abnormality: psychoanalysis
1.2.8 treating abnormality: systematic desensitisation
1.2.9 treating abnormality: cognitive behavioural therapy
1.2.10 case studies
1.3 Social psychology (conformity and obedience
1.3.1 conformity
1.3.2 explanations of why people conform
1.3.3 obedience
1.3.4 explanations of why people obey
1.3.5 explanations of independent behaviour
1.3.6 how social influence research helps us to understand change: the role of minority influence on social change
2 Unit 1
2.1 Cognitive psychology
2.1.1 research into duration
2.1.2 research into encoding
2.1.3 research into capacity
2.1.4 Atkinson and shiffrin (1968): multi store model of memory
2.1.5 research into the multi store model of memory
2.1.6 Baddeley and hitch (1974): working memory model of memory
2.1.7 research into the working memory model
2.1.8 the influence of misleading information on the accuracy of eye witness testimonies
2.1.9 the influence of anxiety on the accuracy of eyewitness testimonies
2.1.10 the influence of age on the accuracy of eyewitness testimonies
2.1.11 the cognitive interview
2.1.12 strategies for memory improvement
2.2 Developmental psychology
2.2.1 explanations of attachment
2.2.2 types of attachment
2.2.3 cultural variations in attachment
2.2.4 deprivation
2.2.5 privation/institutionalisation
2.2.6 research into the effects of day care on social development
2.2.7 influence of research in child care practices

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