Trash by Andy Mulligan

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'Trash' is described as "harrowing, exhilarating, humbling and quite brilliant". Discuss why this is an appropriate description of the novel. Refer closely to plot, character, setting and style.

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Trash by Andy Mulligan
1 plot, character, setting and style
2 harrowing
2.1 plot
2.1.1 subject matter
2.1.2 specific scenes: prison/ police station/ dump
2.2 Setting
2.2.1 dump/prison/police station
2.3 Style
2.3.1 1st person narrative. Adds realism
2.4 character
2.4.1 Rat (living with rats)
2.4.2 Pia. Abandoned and alone
2.4.3 Gabriel Olondriz. Imprisoned wrongly
3 exhilarating
3.1 plot
3.1.1 Tension/pace/mystery/happy ending/children taking on corruption/peril
3.2 character
3.2.1 clever, likeable, persistent, brave, honourable
3.3 setting
3.3.1 contrast between the dump and the island ending/ sense of freedom when they leave/ varied setting
3.4 Style
3.4.1 Hooks, clues/characters tell the reader that they are in danger/Reader also enjoys putting together the clues as the boys unravel them
4 humbling
4.1 plot
4.1.1 shows the reader extreme poverty
4.2 character
4.2.1 The characters are extremely honourable especially given their absolute poverty
4.3 setting
4.3.1 The setting is extremely grim, extremely poor and extremely dangerous.
4.4 style
4.4.1 First person narrative. Personality of the children is apparent, their modesty, their care for one another and their thoughtfulnes
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