An Inspector calls plot & structure

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An Inspector calls plot & structure
1 Act 1
1.1 engagement party
1.1.1 hints of conflict birling's speech inspector comes Birling Shelia Eva -> Daisy Gerald no engagment Mr B backs him up saying lots of men have mistresses G asks I if he can leave not MRB - shows I is in controll CLIFFHANGER fresh start for Eva, or Inspector changing girls devastated, takes responsibility doesn't take responisbility contrasts with the perfect middle class family as soon as B says "a man has to mind his own bussines" no war, business and capitalist views croft family are not here, Gerald says he was "busy" during summer and there is a big difference in men and women
1.1.2 perfect middle class family
2 Act 3
2.1 Eric confesses all
2.1.1 B is apalled E finds out his mum killed his child Inspectors speech and exits everyone's ashamed - but not at themselves pondering about I G says I fake phone call - inspector on way CLIFF HANGER just after B laughs and says "the famous younger generation who know it all" G offers S the ring back as "everything is alright now" she says no. atmoshpher returns as it was in the begning S +S think he could be fake but S+E don't care , S+B care Sybil -> erics drinking, Eric -> parents, Sheila -> herself links to all eva smiths. were all "members of one body" and warns about learning in war angry and says she never understood him Not at suicide but by theft and shame
3 Act 2
3.1 Sybil
3.1.1 Mrs B blames the "father" shelia understands Eric enters! looks "extremely pale and distress" always running away from his family and their expectations of him CLIFFHANGER Shelia has matured - tells Mum and G to answer fully and tells B to be quiet the man should be punished "very severely"
3.1.2 cant take responsibility and hard to crack
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