Free Time

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How to write an essay on free time.

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Free Time
1 shopping
2 hobbies
2.1 listening to music
2.2 collecting stamps,stickers,football cards, ...
2.3 reading books
2.4 dancing
2.5 taking photos
3 feelings
3.1 relaxed
3.2 happy, excited
3.3 enjoy myself, have a great time
4 friends
4.1 going out
4.1.1 going to the cinema going to a fast food
4.2 having fun
5 parents
5.1 doing things with them
5.1.1 time for discussion time for fun going out
6 sports
6.1 playing football,basketball,volleyball,tennis,...
6.2 having tae-kwon-do, karate classes
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