The Liver

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The Liver
1 Structure of Liver
1.1 Blood Vesseks
1.1.1 Hepatic Vein
1.1.2 Hepatic Artery
1.1.3 Hepatic Portal Vein
1.2 Bile Duct
1.3 Inter-lobular vessels
1.3.1 Branches from the hepatic artery and hepatic vein enter
1.4 Sinusoid
1.4.1 Specialised capillary where blood from the hepatic artery and hepatic vein mix
1.5 Hepatocytes
1.5.1 Liver cells
1.6 Kupffer Cells
1.7 Gall Bladder
2 Ornithine Cycle
2.1 Ammonia + carbon dioxide------> urea + water
2.1.1 2NH3 +CO2------> CO(NH2) + H20
2.2 Diagram
3 Bile
3.1 Bile is secreted from the liver
3.2 Bile has a digestive and excretory function
3.3 The bile duct carries bile from the liver to the gall bladder where it is stored until needed
4 Kupffer Cells
4.1 They move out of the sinusoids breakdown and recycle old red blood cells
4.2 Specialist macrophages
4.3 One product is bilirubin which is excreted in the bile and gives the brown pigment in faeces
5 Blood Vessels
5.1 Hepatic Portal Vein
5.1.1 Deoxygenated and rich in products of digestion
5.1.2 Purpose Brings toxins to the liver
5.1.3 Direction of flow From intestines to liver
5.2 Hepatic Artery
5.2.1 Oxygenated Blood
5.2.2 Purpose Supplies oxygen
5.2.3 Direction of flow From heart to liver
5.3 Hepatic Vein
5.3.1 Deoxygenated Blood
5.3.2 Direction of flow Liver to heart
5.3.3 Purpose Returns blood to normal circulation
6 Deamination
6.1 The removal of the toxic amine group from an amino acid to produce a less toxic ammonia
6.2 Amino acid + O2 ------> Keto acid + ammonia
6.2.1 Formation of urea: ammonia + CO2 -------> urea + water
6.3 Ammonia is excreted as urea
7 Detoxifcation
7.1 Liver cells contain enzymes that make toxic molecules less toxic
7.2 Catalase which converts hydrogen peroxide to oxygen and water
7.3 Of Alcohol
7.3.1 Enzyme ethanol dehydrogenase Ethanol to ethanal gives of NADH
7.3.2 Enzyme ethanol dehydrogenase Converts ethanol to ethanoate gives of NADH Ethanoate combines with coenzyme A Forms actetyl coenzyme A
8 Cirrhosis
8.1 A chronic Liver disorder that is mainly found in alcoholics.
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