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protagonist, antagonist, FOIL, round/flat, static/dynamic, antihero, stock character, verisimilitude

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1 Protagonist
1.1 FOIL
1.1.1 a character that the author includes in order to point out main points of another character (typically the protagonist) Act 5, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Hamlet, "I'll be your foil, Laertes: in mine ignorance/ Your skill shall, like a star 'i the darkest night, Stick fiery off indeed")
1.2 i.e., main character
2 Antagonist
2.1 adversary of the protagonist
2.1.1 can be a person, the environment, an institution, an ideal, etc.
3 How much of the character is revealed to the audience?
3.1 a lot
3.1.1 the character is "round"
3.2 not much
3.2.1 the character is "flat"
4 Does the character change over the course of the story?
4.1 yes
4.1.1 the character is "dynamic"
4.2 no
4.2.1 the character is "static"
5 miscellaneous terms
5.1 antihero
5.1.1 ordinary, inglorious citizen of the modern world typically has negative traits that we, as readers, struggle to accept
5.2 verisimilitude
5.2.1 reality vs probability The appearance of being real. Therefore, determine what characters may possibly do and what they most frequently do.
5.3 stock character
5.3.1 characters who appear in repeating situations (i.e., insensitive father, interfering mother, greedy political, nagging wife, lovable drunk, etc)
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