Cambourne Case Study


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Cambourne Case Study
    1. Facts
      1. 9 miles west of Cambridge
        1. Still being built - planning permission for 3,400 home in total but plans to build (possibly another 2,000) more
          1. Has hotel, business park, shops
            1. Comforts of modern world in tradition style village
              1. 1/2 a million people expected to move into East Anglia in the next 10 years
              2. Strengths and Opportunities
                1. Social
                  1. Community sprirt
                    1. Book groups, sport clubs and volunteering centre
                    2. Good local services
                      1. Doctor surgery, secondary school
                    3. Economic
                      1. Local shops, restaurants and businesses
                        1. Creates jobs
                        2. Close to Cambridge
                          1. Provides workers and jobs
                          2. Affordable housing
                          3. Environmental
                            1. "Eco-town"
                              1. More energy efficient
                                1. e.g. Triple glazing
                              2. Bus service
                                1. More environmentally sustainable than cars
                            2. Weaknesses and Problems
                              1. Social
                                1. Overburdened medical centre
                                  1. Few amenities for young people
                                    1. Lead to groups of young people hanging around which upset locals
                                    2. Housing is very desirable and so there is high competition
                                      1. Very high birth rate
                                      2. Environmental
                                        1. Rush hour traffic is very bad
                                          1. A14 and busses get very congested getting into Cambridge
                                          2. Not on guided bus and no train closer than Cambridge
                                          3. Economic
                                            1. Few jobs in Cambourne as proportion of residents
                                              1. Very dependant on large private chain companies
                                                1. e.g. Morrisons
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