London Docklands Case Study

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London Docklands Case Study
1 Urban Development Corporation (UDC)
1.1 The London Docklands Development Company (LDDC) was set up to regenerate the Isle of Dogs area
1.1.1 Set up in 1981
2 Problems
2.1 Shopping
2.1.1 Only small shops/ corner shops
2.2 Transport
2.2.1 Poorly Developed transport facilities and narrow, congested roads
2.3 Open Spaces
2.3.1 Little open spaces nor any leisure amenities
2.4 Housing
2.4.1 High density housing in the non-industrial areas
2.4.2 Houses cheap and old-fashioned
2.5 Industry
2.5.1 Docklands became unused
2.5.2 Derelict warehouses and factories
3 Solutions
3.1 Social Improvements
3.1.1 Services Leisure Watersports Marina National indoor sports centre Post-16 college campus for the new University of East London Several large new shopping malls
3.1.2 Housing Population rise 40,000 in 1981 85,000 in 2000 22,000 new homes created Some luxury flats in former warehouses 10,000 refurbished local authority former terraced houses
3.2 Environmental Improvements
3.2.1 750 hectares of derelict land reclaimed
3.2.2 200,000 trees planted
3.2.3 130 hectares of open space created
3.3 Economic Improvements
3.3.1 Transport Docklands Light Railway (DLR) links the area with central London Jubilee line underground extension London City Airport New roads including M11 link
3.3.2 Employment Number of jobs rose 27000 in 1981 90,000 in 2000 Many new firms set up shop Stock Exchange ITV Studios Many high rise office blocks At Canary Wharf
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