A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire
1 Set
1.1 Elysian fields
1.1.1 (heaven) Juxtaposition Ironic
1.1.2 Decayed estate
1.1.3 Unaffluent area
1.2 Colours
1.2.1 White Pure Described as 'faded' Juxtaposition to purity Suggests this scene is not restrained by usual stereotypes Developing city, can be anything Suggests decay
1.2.2 Blue Jazz Blues piano Music that describes cultural 'melting pot' Depression/isolation Relates to yet unseen character issues Sky
1.2.3 Brown "Warm breath of the brown river" Life blood of the city co-dependency on river
1.3 Building/features
1.3.1 "Two story corner" Small buildings Depicts population climate Relates to Busy and lively city described Can't afford a detached house
1.3.2 "Atmosphere of decay"
1.3.3 "Always just around the corner" Close Gossip spread fast Friendly natured inhabitants Racially equal community
2 Characters
2.1 Blanche
2.1.1 Personality Anxiety Paranoia Nervous Critical Brutally honest Alcohol dependent Compulsive lier
2.1.2 Appearence Clothes White Pure Juxtaposition to her personality Elegant Expensive Well dressed Suggests wealth Possibly a front Doesn't fit in with the scene
2.1.3 Relationships Sister (Stella) Critical Defense mechanism
2.1.4 Symbolism Light Metaphor Hides from the truth Described as a moth Juxtaposition as she doesn't like the light Ageing
2.2 Stella
2.2.1 Personality Quiet around Blanche Stable
2.2.2 Appearence Gentle Youthful Putting on weight Criticism from Blanche
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